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Traffic Violations Attorneys in Greenville

If you have received a ticket for a traffic violation you should contact us at Fedalei & Reid Law. For tickets from basic speeding to reckless driving and more, we will fight to keep points and violations off your driving record. Court appearances can be hard on your personal life, requiring time off from work or school. Hiring an experienced Greenville traffic violations attorney to provide legal advice and represent you will allow you to move forward with your life while we appear on your court date in your place.

Paying the ticket is an admission of guilt. This can have repercussions on your insurance premiums and can result in points being added to your driving record. Car insurance is expensive, and traffic tickets can cause an increase in your insurance rates in addition to the fee levied against you. For many people, even a single speeding ticket could have severe consequences, especially when considering the possible long-term effects. Avoid these issues by hiring experienced attorneys who will work to reduce or even eliminate the ticket and help you keep unexpected consequences from impacting you.

We fight traffic tickets at Fedalei & Reid. We have the experience and tenacity needed to minimize or even completely eliminate the penalties from a traffic ticket. Contact our Greenville criminal defense lawyer today by clicking here or giving us a call at (864) 668-1661 to schedule an appointment.

What Is the Drivers License Point System in South Carolina?

officer putting traffic ticket under windshield wipers on car

South Carolina uses a points system to track license penalties for drivers. The baseline is zero points. At 12 points on your record your license will be suspended. One year after the points are accumulated half of them will be dropped from your record. Two years after the offense the other half will be dropped. Having points on your driving record can be detrimental to your auto insurance premiums in addition to leading to license suspension.

Tickets also come with potentially hefty fines for the driver. The fine issued with the ticket will be dependent on the number of points for the offense. Speeding ticket fines are broken down as follows:

  • 6 points may receive a maximum fine of $440
  • 4 points may receive a maximum fine of $180
  • 2 points may receive a maximum fine of $75

Note that points penalties will vary from state to state, meaning that what is considered a 4 point penalty in South Carolina may be a 6 point penalty in North Carolina.