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At FR Law, our Greenville domestic violence lawyers understand how difficult domestic violence situations are in our clients’ daily lives, and how taxing it can be to defend your position without an experienced domestic violence defense attorney by your side.

Often, when someone is arrested for the threat of violence or physical violence, they’re presumed guilty in the court of public opinion, before they even appear before a judge, which is unfair but potentially damaging to their professional and personal livelihood.

Our Greenville legal team is dedicated to helping you navigate the legal process, so you can narrate your side of the story, while we present the key evidence required to support your innocence or negotiate the best possible outcome for your unique circumstances when your criminal charges can’t be dismissed altogether.

Domestic violence convictions have life-threatening consequences that can negatively affect your future. Our Greenville criminal defense attorneys are ready to help you pursue positive outcomes. To schedule a free and confidential initial consultation, contact our Greenville law firm today at (864) 668-1661.

What Are the Common Defenses Against Domestic Violence Claims?

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  • Lack of evidence. A lack of adequate evidence is one defense against domestic violence claims. A person can’t be convicted if there isn’t sufficient evidence to prove that they committed domestic violence.
  • Self-defense. This defense strategy is an effective way to fight a domestic violence claim. An experienced trial attorney can prove that there was imminent harm, and you had no choice but to defend yourself.
  • Falsely accused. In child custody battles of divorce cases, it’s common for some spouses to file domestic violence charges out of desperation and anger. An experienced attorney can help you find inconsistencies in the plaintiff’s claims.
  • It was an accident. This defense strategy is rarely successful. Your experienced attorney can prove that the act wasn’t intentional or malicious, but an accident.
  • The violence was minor. Your Greenville domestic violence attorney can prove that the bodily harm inflicted was very minor and shouldn’t be considered a criminal act.

How Can a Skilled Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Help?

Attorney Chris Fedalei
Chris Fedalei, Domestic Violence Lawyer in Greenville, SC

At FR Law, our Greenville criminal defense lawyers focus on the unique details of each case we represent. Our team of attorneys will examine the: 

  • Law enforcement officers’ handling of your arrest and the charging requirements, such as getting a copy of a 911 call and a complete police report.
  • Witness testimonies and statements for accuracy.
  • Alleged victim’s bodily harm and medical evaluation
  • Inconsistencies in any damage at the scene and the allegations against you.
  • Past incidents of violence, when applicable.
  • Whether the prosecutor can prove the case against you beyond, he said-she said.

Domestic violence cases are very emotional, which may cause the alleged victim to provide exaggerated statements to the responding police officers, or a biased approach causing an arrest that had very little evidence to support the claims.